Hello, Good Evening and Welcome…

… and thank you for taking the time to visit this blog.

If you’ve read the home page you’ll already have an idea of what VOICES is all about, but we thought we should also add the occasional blog to give a bit of background and context and to keep you updated. Before that, though, and being very aware that people reading social media often have very poor attention spans (’tis the way of the world these days, sad to say), a few ground rules….

THE FIRST RULE OF VOICES: TELL EVERYONE! Basically, the more people that know about VOICES the more diverse the entertainment on offer and the bigger the audience to appreciate it. So if you’re coming along to read your words or sing a song bring some friends to hear you. And if you’re just coming along to listen and laugh and maybe join in the odd chorus or two, bring some friends to hear us!

THE SECOND RULE OF VOICES: TELL EVERYONE! And no fighting. We’re not Fight Club, and any resemblance to Brad Pitt is purely coincidental.

THE THIRD RULE OF VOICES: NO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (other than those provided). Yep, we know this seems a bit harsh and that every musician has a special relationship with his/her own particular Lucille or Trigger, but the simple fact is the venue just isn’t big enough to accommodate a decent sized audience AND an array of musical instruments, so if it’s too big to fit in your pocket (we can probably cope with a harmonica, our Monica or the odd ocarina, Gina) please leave it at home! What you ARE very welcome to do, though – in fact we encourage it – is to load your phone or MP3 with home recorded backing tracks and play them back through our PA. That way we get the best of both worlds without all the storage hassles, and with no noisy tuning up during other people’s performances! Looked at in that light, it all makes jolly good sense, no? Yes! There will be a “house” guitar available, and as a bonus we’ll chuck in a house ukulele too, but beyond that it’s acapella, close harmony, or karaoke all the way.

THE FOURTH RULE OF VOICES: THERE IS NO RULE FOUR… As we get a few more of these events under our belt we might find new rules (pre-booking performance slots etc) necessary, but at this stage we’re winging it. As far as individual performances go we’ll be using two hats – one for words and one for song – and offering ’em up in rotation. For words it can be anything – poetry, prose, monologue, sketch, skit… – but with an emphasis on self-contained pieces of around five-ten minute max duration. For songs, original is better but we’re happy to accommodate ‘karaoke’ performances and will, with advance warning, do our best to find backing tracks to accommodate them. DO remember your own lyric sheets, though!

So, that’s it for now, and a much longer blog than initially intended, but hopefully one that answers all questions we couldn’t cover on the event poster. We really hope you can join us on July 19th, because our maiden flight back in May was extremely good fun and we’d hate for you to miss out. See you at Javabean! 

open mic graphic 

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