Goodbye Tonbridge, Thanks for Calling

Hello again. Not a Voices blog per se, but very much Voices-related given those involved in our Flitt, Folio & Friends outing to Tonbridge Calling yesterday, all of whom we know and recruited through Voices and related events. Even better, by happy coincidence our second set was preceded by musical duo Peter and Paul, old friends from Flitt & Folio’s Scallywag days who we will be joining again on August 20th *…

It was a glorious day – sunshine, beer tent, poetry: what more could one possibly want? – and to keep us entertained between our sets they had even laid on a full music and dance festival for us. How very generous the lovely people of Tonbridge are!  Of course, as usual, we were so caught up in the fun that we forgot to take any photos and the odd few we did remember to snap came back from Truprint with little warning stickers all over them about straying thumbs, focussing issues, and mustard and ketchup on the lens. I’m not sure who had the hotdog, but that stuff goes everywhere, doesn’t it? If you happened to snap any  decent pics do forward them and we’ll add them to the blog later.

‘So,’ I hear you ask, ‘how did it go?’
‘Very well indeed,’ we smugly reply.

Yes. Very well indeed. Both our sets attracted good audiences, which swelled in size reassuringly as passers by realised what we were up to and came to join the fun. In the free-for-all spirit of Voices we even made room for a couple of impromptu guests, Angie and Natalie, the first of whom sung us an a cappella rendition of a traditional Irish ballad while the latter delivered an excellent squirrely poem that blended perfectly with the indigenous flora and fauna of the park.

So, a very nice outing for all involved at a wonderfully inclusive community event, now in its third year, that is going from strength to strength. See you next year, Tonbridge Calling, when it’ll be even bigger and better. Thanks for ‘avin’ us!

Thanks too (in alphabetical order as they were all STARS) to: Charlie (Bell), Harry (Barden), Jill (Munro) and Wendy (Edwards) – illustrious poets and performers all. We look forward to doing more of the same very soon.

People Doing Leisure_01

* See next blog. When written and published.

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