Well That Was Fun!

We’re a week on from our Halloween Special and golly, what a humdinger it was! Huge thanks to all who contributed, whether reading, singing, or just enjoying the show. For all those clamouring for news of the next event we can now confirm that it’s going to happen on:Christmas text and will, as the above suggests, be Christmas themed.

This promises to be another extra busy one, and we’ll be adding to the frivolity with festive nibbles, mince pies and so forth, provided by the lovely Debbie for just Five English Pounds on the door! Oh, and there will be crackers to pull. There will DEFINITELY be crackers 😉 What a bargain, eh?

One teeny downside to the success of Voices has been the pure logistics of  cramming it all in. With so many readers and performers eager to take the floor we’re finding it increasingly difficult to accommodate prose readings, and much as we hate having “rules”, common sense dictates that we need to rethink the upper word limit. Flash fiction of 500-750 words comes in at about five minutes, which fits in nicely with the general rule-of-thumb of a song or one or two poems. We would ask those planning to read prose to aim for that.

christmas cardAs usual, the “House” guitar and uke will be available (and how wonderfully they were deployed last week!), and the PA primed for any backing tracks people want to bring along. If you have a particular karaoke tune you would like please SHOUT as early as possible and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Failing that, a-capella offers a certain freedom for artistic interpretation that an unforgiving backing track cannot.

Be there or be a Grinchy square!

Oh PS: If you took any lovely pics bung them to us via Facebook – we really MUST get a slideshow up…




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