It’s That Time of Year…

Have you got your baubles and bits out yet? Still a bit early if you have and you’ll be setting off those ‘but we’re not even out of November yet’ ninnies on social meedya, but we are definitely getting closer to that annual trip into the loft.  And while we’ve still got a wee wait before we can fire up our Blue Peter advent calendars we are, officially, just one month away by the Gregorian calendar from our extra-special Christmas Voices.

Our last event, the Halloween special, was jam packed, and Christmas voices promises to be even bigger and better. In fact, so much bigger and better that we’ve had to rethink the time allocation for prose readings, with a maximum of around 500 – 750 words (around five minutes in old money). But that still leaves time for a good piece of flash fiction, and fits into the overall scheme much more neatly alongside songs and poetry readings. We do, increasingly, have a huge amount of stuff to squeeze in…

That aside, and the small fee of five pounds we’re asking this time round to provide welcoming festive drinks and nibbles and other exciting sundries, it’ll be the usual mix of words and music and Fun-with-a-capital-eff from our wonderfully talented regulars, with the promise of a shedload of new faces too. As the man famously said, ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’…

Date and time is detailed on the poster below, and if you have any special requests for backing tracks please don’t hesitate to ask. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to deliver, but we’ll certainly do our damndest. You can use the contact form here on the site or give us a shout on the Facebook page where you can, if you’re a first timer, get the skinny on just what you’ve been missing.

christmas voices

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