Only a Week to Go…

… until Christmas Voices!

Yep, this time next week (as I type) we”ll be rushing round like blue arsed wossnames between getting the PA set up at Javabean and getting back there with our gladrags on to set the whole shebang in motion. And what a night it promises to be!

Personally, I can think of no better way to ease into the Festive weekend than the shedload of words, music and silliness that is Voices. By the response so far I’m pretty sure that holds true for many of our regulars too, and on this outing we hope to deliver enough happy memories to keep a wistful smile on your face right up to the arrival of the in-laws, outlaws and other ne’er-do-wells fetching up to pull crackers and gobble nuts on the big day itself. After that, you’re on your own.

Father ChristmasAnyhoo, enough of this old toffee: details of start time etc on the poster below, and if you’ve any other queries just give us a shout using the contact / comment forms here or via our Facebook page.

Ho-Ho-Bloody-Ho said Santa!

christmas voices

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