In Spring Again I’ll Bring Again…


Yes, it’s almost March and time for all our lovely performers to SPRING into action again for another fine evening of entertainment at VOICES.

There’s been a slightly longer gap than usual as we, Flitt & Folio, have been orf rehearsing for panto in the wilds of Penshurst, but we’ll have safely left all that behind us (oh no he isn’t – oh yes he is…) by March 14th, which is the date lovely Debbie at Javabean has set aside for another spectacular evening of words and song.

If you’re not sure what Voices is, check out our Facebook page or THIS LINK for the full skinny, but in a nutshell it’s a FREE open mic event for spoken word and performance. We’re a bit tight for space so please check out the rules and regs about instrumentation, but we have a PA available for those who want to provide backing tracks and a couple of ol’ things with strings that we’re happy to lend out. Voices is, as anyone who’s been to one of our evenings will assure you, a bloody excellent night out and we have no reason to doubt that our Mad March Extravaganza will be no exception.  We’d love to see you (to see you love).

voices march 2019

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