Playing Unfest on May 24th – 26th? Then why not give yourself a plug at our Unfest special Voices on the 23rd?

Yep, our next helping of Voices is going to be part of Tunbridge Wells Unfest Music and Arts Festival, and being right at the top of the weekend’s events we offer a prime opportunity for those wanting to showcase their talents in advance of their regular gigs.

We’ll be at Javabean from 7:30, and whether you want to offer a trimmed down acoustic duet for guitar and vocals or go the whole hog with a specially prepared backing track, our house guitar and PA will be at your disposal. For the full skinny feel free to contact us here on the website or via our Facebook page, but in a nutshell we’ll be looking to squeeze in as many performers for spoken word AND song as venue and time permits, so get your name on the guest list early and let Unfest-with-a-capital-F (that’s FUNfest, if you haven’t worked it out yet. And yes, we know it’s two Fs but only one of them is a capital tsk I arks ya…) ease you into the bank holiday weekend.

Unfest voices

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