Unvoices Part 2…

Well, it’s May already (doesn’t time mayfly?) and we’re just a few weeks away from our special Unfest Voices event, Unvoices.

It’s pretty-much the usual mix of words, music and fun, but this time we are inviting Unfest musicians playing over the weekend to come and showcase their gigs in a more intimate setting. Again, as per, we’ll be making the PA and house guitar / uke available, and small additional instrumentation (mandolin, banjo, whatever) will also be accommodated, but any bands pitching up with a wheelbarrow full of pianos and drums will be asked to downsize to a more Javabean-friendly iteration. That said, the PA will play any backing tracks that can be squeezed from a phone down a 3.5 jack lead, so the world’s yer oyster, Bob’s yer Uncle, and Fanny, as they say, is yer Aunt!

Message us here or on Facebook if you want to join in the fun, and of course all of our wonderful regulars are very welcome too – the idea being to expand on the Unfest joy rather than just accommodating it.  May 23rd, just like the poster says, and kick-off around 7:30 for 8:00. We hope you can make it.
Unfest voices

And… as if that wasn’t enough…

IN OTHER NEWS:  As an additional Unfest treat local writers and musicians will also be gathering at Trinity Theatre on Saturday 25th to celebrate the art and mystery of Harris Burdick. If you’ve not heard that name, but have heard of Lemony Snicket and/or Chris Van Allsburg and/or Stephen King, you’re in for a treat. Full details to follow, but here’s a poster to whet your appetites.

HB smaller web version

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