Didn’t we have a lovely time?

No, not a day trip to Bangor*, but our last Voices extravaganza at Javabean. Gosh we had fun! The bill of fare this time included musical interludes – acoustic and acapella – spoken word (poetry of every kind, flash fiction, monologue…), and even a bit o’ the old thespianism, with a three-header sketch performed by our newly-formed Voices Players (or Tunbridge Wells Amateur Theatrical Society, as we like to think of them). All that and a bag of chips too! Oh, okay: I lied about the chips. Anyhoo…

Talking of outings (see what I did there?) our NEXT Voices get together will see us loading up the charabanc and heading off for sunny Tonbridge on August tenth, when we will be taking ownership of the Spoken Word tent for the afternoon as part of Tonbridge Calling. This will be our third year at TC and we love it dearly, so we are thrilled to be invited back again and to have the opportunity to offer an even bigger and better slice of Flitt and Folio pie to go with your picnic or afternoon tea. Many of our lovely Voices friends have already thrown their names into the hat, so we know this is going to be something very, very special. Additionally, Tonbridge Roundel group will be joining us, and we hope to make lots of new friends during the open mic session to swell the Voices ranks. We’ll be posting more details soon, but rest assured we’ll be pulling out all the stops.

Until next time, then, here’s a selection of performers from our last Javabean meet. Sadly, so caught up in the performance were we that we neglected to take pics of the Voices Players in action. Fortunately they will be revisiting their skit (and, time allowing, several others) for TC, so another photo opportunity beckons.


* For younger readers there was a folk song called “Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor” that almost took the coveted Christmas number one spot in 1979. Unbelievably it was kept off of the top by Pink Floyd’s “Another brick in the wall” which was an even bigger bag o’ shite!

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