Hello World!

Seems an age since the last post, but in fact only a month. Just a very hectic month, which may be why it seems longer.

In previous dispatches we hoped there would be an opportunity to reschedule Tonbridge Calling for this month, but sadly that’s proved impossible. Likewise, for personal reasons, a September Voices outing has also proved tricky. Today’s post, then, is more a heads up for October, and while we have yet to finalise our plans we should have more news on that very soon. Think Halloween and think big, because last year’s Halloween special was, erm, very special, and if all goes to plan this year’s event will be even bigger.

Again, thanks to all who had planned to join us for Tonbridge Calling, and to all our Voices regulars who make these events such a great night out. Check back regularly for news on the October event, and there may well be some other off-piste performance shenanigans to report too, but keep it under your hat…


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