Ghostly Voices pt.2

Good heavens, is it that time of year again already? Yes it is, and as September slips inexorably toward October we are delighted to confirm Wednesday October 30th as the the date of our second Halloween Voices extravaganza.

Those who attended last year’s Halloween bash will be only too aware of just how special the event was, and this year’s ghoulish gathering promises to be even more spectacular. Will there be witches? Who knows. Will there be vampires? Who knows. Will there be monsters? Who knows. Will there be farting pumpkins? WHO KNOWS! But the chances are good for all of them and much, much more. What there will definitely be is poetry, fiction, skits and songs, and more FUN with a capital F, U and N than you can shake a burning stake at.

There will be more news on why this will be such a very special event soon, but in the meantime dust the cobwebs from your favourite Halloween outfit (or not, as the case may be), and if you haven’t got anything in the bank already get your thinking caps on and your pens or instruments of choice primed. And remember, this will probably be the only thing you see this year that doesn’t feature Kathryn Ryan and/or Jimmy Carr, so that, if nothing else, will make the evening unique!


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