Cooeeee, Mr Shifter…

Well here we are with just two weeks to go (give or take)  until our very special Tonbridge Christmas Voices, and we cannot begin to tell you how excited we are. We hope you are too, and have grabbed your tickets and secured your seats for what has been described* as the hottest show in town. And now, for added excitement and value, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the latest addition to our in-house musical instrument collection, A GRAND PIANO.

Well we say grand, but in reality it is just a five octave (five whole octaves – count ’em if you can!) GM keyboard, but it is grand in the sense that if piano is your chosen instrument of torture expression you are now catered for, and it opens the door for collaborative performances with the guitar / uke also provided. Ain’t we, as the man once said, got fun?! And if that wasn’t enough we can also advise that the keys are ‘touch sensitive’ (if you touch them they work. Well, most of them) and that we’ve even splashed out on a sustain pedal, for, erm, sustaining and stuff. See, we told you it was exciting.

We’ll have more Voices news soon, but wanted to let any budding Liberaces out there know of the keyboard option in good time for them to grab one of the few remaining  ‘performers” slots. We think some ivory-tinkling (not real ivory – heaven forfend!) will fit very nicely within our regular bill of fare, and can’t wait to get the old girl fired up and put her through her paces.

* By us.

Oh. We present the video below to clarify the connection between the title of this post and the subject matter for those lucky people too young to make the connection. Apologies for the quality, but it is the best YouTube has to offer…

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