Busy Bees…

Hello again! Here we are with another blog and I’ve only just realised it’s been a while as far as this area of the website is concerned. We’ve been keeping busy, mind you, just more with extra-curricular adventures as Flitt & Folio than Voices events per se. If you missed the last F&F blog just click on the menu item above and all will be revealed.

As far as the regular Voices open mics go, it’s all quiet on the western front. We are hoping to squeeze another in soon but we have a few special events to attend to first. Next week, for example, we are making a return visit to the Rotherfield Players for a one-off  “Fringe on Tour” reunion, where I, Folio, will be sporting DJ and dickie once again to compere the show while Flitt slips into her little black number, headdress and beads to Charleston and black-bottom her little bottom off. Ain’t we got fun!

There are several more off-piste Flitt & Folio / Voices events coming up soon but at this stage mum’s the word. Watch this space, though, for further news soon.

And finally, in other news, those living in and around Tunbridge Wells may well have noticed the appearance of a new featured cartoonist in the local “Times of…” We obviously can’t reveal the coming issue’s offering as it will spoil the surprise, but here’s a variation on one shared a couple of weeks ago that struck a chord with many!

bunny lane

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