Voices Goes Viral

Well I never! It’s all gone a bit mad, hasn’t it? Mad and scary and mad. Mad, mad, mad…

Here at Voices, of course, we’re doing our best to remain sensible and responsible – well at least as far as self-isolation and social distancing go – but it would be a massive understatement (or lie) to pretend that we are not bitterly disappointed to see so many of our summer plans go agley. And it was all going so well, with festivals lined up left, right and centre and some very special Voices events already booked and planned for! Oh well; we are all in the same boat, and that in its own way is a silver lining to this horrible grey coronavirus cloud hanging over our heads like the mixed metaphor sword of wossname. Let’s hope, after all the nasty polarisation associated with Brexit, climate change, Trump and Boris et al and all the other bolleaux, that mankind can find some unity and good old-fashioned love and harmony among the empty supermarket shelves and online hysteria.

One thing that did occur to us: if we can’t go to Voices, perhaps Voices can come to us? If Voices has shown us one thing it’s that there is a ton of talent to be tapped in Tunbridge Wells and environs and that our open mic evenings and other events are perfect vehicles for it. Whether poetry, song, skit or whatever, we would love to continue sharing your words and wisdom among our regulars (and anyone else who is interested) through this website. With that in mind we’ll be setting a few pages aside on a rolling basis which we will hopefully keep updated weekly from all the stuff you submit. We haven’t got quite as far as figuring out how to achieve that yet, but certainly for sound files and videos the easiest way would be for you to send us a link via either our contact form here or Facebook messaging and we’ll round them up and post them via whatever (hopefully embedded) means we can. If you want to get ahead of the game then I guess coronavirus-themed content would be as good a starting point as any. We’ll start officially on, say, Sunday (29th) with a fresh blog but feel free to start bunging it at us whenever the fancy takes you.

We’ll be back soon with more news and a more coherent plan, but in the meantime we would advise that our old mucker Tom Carradine is offering a weekly online cock-a-knee singalong via his Facebook page on Thursday nights. Good man, top hole etc, and we’ll see you there!

Ta-ta for now, and keep well

Pam and Ivor xx

voices goes viral

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