And They’re OFF!

Right. If you read the last blog you’ll know what this is about. If you didn’t read the last blog you won’t, but don’t worry, I’m going to say it again…

In a nutshell, COVID-19 has put paid to any live Voices shenanigans for the foreseeable future, so instead we are inviting Voices regulars (and anyone else for that matter) to showcase their talents here in a virtual open mic. As usual we’re aiming to serve up a very mixed bag, so pretty much anything goes as long as it’s wordy and original and fit for a PG audience. To join in the fun just get in touch via our contact page here or by DM on Facebook and we’ll take it from there.

Our opening offering is something VERY different, but having learned that needle-felt mice are also susceptible to coronavirus we thought we should highlight their plight as they head off into ‘miceolation’. The showreel below features a duet for mouse and fat bloke with lyrics by Roz Dace, together with images from the scrapbook of the Woolly Felters, who are nursing the poor wee rodents back to health. We hope you enjoy it, and will bear with us while we get to grips with the new-to-us technology needed to make this thing happen!

More content coming very soon from Peppy Scott and Sue Marlow – watch this space!


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