It’s all go, isn’t it‽

I’m not sure if the interrobang will stick, but if not the algorithm will hopefully replace it with a suitable combination of question/exclamation mark…

Punctuation aside, the above is actually a rhetorical question, so I guess the “?” is irrelevant anyway: yes, as far as Flitt and Folio are concerned it is all go – up to our necks with the other volunteers organising this year’s Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival being the tip of the iceberg.

First and foremost this VERY Sunday we are guest poets for our lovely friends at Eastbourne Poetry Café. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood why not pop in and say hello, or even add your voice (and words) to the open mic section. It would be lovely 2CU.

As we head into March we are delighted to be organising the little shindig below. Raising money for a community event we’ve been supporting now for more years than I can remember (probably long Covid. Or possibly just age) we will be taking to the stage with a full supporting cast of fellow “Nuts in may” to deliver a blistering evening of comedy, song, sketches and spoken word and a heap of other delightful nonsense. There’s a wee open mic section too, if you’re quick, so please grab tix and come and join in the fun.

As May segues into June the TW Poetry Festival kicks off in style with a VOICES open mic at Evenflow Café. More news on this and all other Poetry Festival events soon, but in the meantime DO grab your tickets for Nuts in May and help us put the FIN in FUNdraiser!

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