I Get Knocked Down…

But I get up again. By "I" I mean "We", of course, the we being Flitt & Folio and by extension all of the lovely people we regularly greet at Voices events and/or meet as part of our wider wanderings. In our last blog we posted about our friends at PADS (Penshurst Amateur Dramatic Society) … Continue reading I Get Knocked Down…

Where to Begin?

Heavens it's all go here at Voices Central! While our last blog post could only hint at all the good things to come we can now (fairly) safely say that, covid clampdowns excepted, we've got a VERY busy summer coming up. Kicking off with a more personal outing for Flitt & Folio as part of … Continue reading Where to Begin?

Back With a Splash!

Heavens to Murgatroyd we're busy all-of-a-sudden. While the country may be easing out of lockdown we're going at it like rats up a drainpipe, poor, wee starved-of-attention things that we are... All being well we'll be able to host a Voices open mic soon, but in the meantime Flitt & Folio are signed up for … Continue reading Back With a Splash!