Who’s Keen for Halloween?

Blimey, this lockdown thingy's draggin' on a bit, ennit? We never thought for a moment when we posted the first Lockdown post that we'd still be restricted to online outings eight months down the road, but... Anyhow, cutting to the quick, we HAVE been keeping the Voices flag flying over on Facebook with a dedicated … Continue reading Who’s Keen for Halloween?

The Best Laid Plans…

Hello! It's been a while since we posted here after coronavirus put paid to live Voices events. We have, as the last blog indicated, been keeping the Voices train rolling along over there, but we thought this little number deserved posting here too. Originally intended as a skit for our "Pam Slam Grand Slam" as … Continue reading The Best Laid Plans…

All Change!

Well Virtual Voices got off to a cracking start here on the website, but having given it a little more thought we realised that the best place for it is probably Facebook, which does away with the need for 'submission' delays by allowing people to upload their stuff themselves. With this in mind our Facebook … Continue reading All Change!