Welcome to VOICES – a new open mic event for writers and performers in and around Kent and Sussex.

With an emphasis on words rather than musical performance, Voices promises something a little bit different – an evening packed not just with music, not just with spoken word, not just with comedy and fun, but with a lively mix of all three. Variety, we believe, is the spice of life, and if it’s got words and/or performance in the mix it’ll suit us to a tee.

Something else we love at Voices is original material. That’s not to say that we turn our noses up at a good cover, but nothing gladdens our heart more than to see new writers and performers – musical or literary – cutting their teeth and finding their wings (What?!) in the warm bosom or our, erm, warm bosom.

So, having explained that pretty-much anything goes here is a list of House Rules and the reasons for them:

  1. Tell EVERYONE: The more people that know the bigger the event and the more fun there is to be had. Common sense really; we’re not Fight Club for heaven’s sake.
  2. House Guitar and Uke Provided: Space restrictions at our usual venue, Javabean Cafe in lovely Tunbridge Wells, make it impractical, in general, for musicians to bring their own arsenal of instruments. We can accommodate the odd squeezebox or mandolin, but wherever possible it makes life much easier if you can use our stuff. For bigger productions performers are always welcome to use our P A to play backing tracks from their phones or similar devices.  We will also, with advance warning, do our best to track down a Karaoke backing for anyone who wants to cover or parody an old (or new) classic.
  3. The Five Minute Rule: Basically we like to pack as much in as we can and to keep it fresh. The five minute rule helps us to deliver on both. That doesn’t mean performers are restricted to five minutes – depending on turnout and the time available two or even three ‘turns’ may be available to those who want them – but on a busy night we want to give as many as possible the opportunity to show us what they can do.
  4. There is NO Rule Four: Apart from be nice and have fun, but that goes without saying…

So that, in a nutshell, is it. If it sounds your kind of thing we would love you to join us, whether to perform or just to cheer wildly and have a bloody good time. We’ve been doing this for a wee while now, and as any of our lovely and talented regulars will tell you the latter is a given. We hope to see you soon.

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