More Fun & Frolics

Well, we had a grand ol' time with Flitt & Folio's "My Funny Valentine" last Thursday (thank you Penshurst!) and an equally enjoyable outing on Wednesday to The Printers Playhouse Open Mic (thank you Eastbourne and Poetry Cafe!), but February isn't over yet. We'll next be spreading our wings on Saturday night (19th) with our … Continue reading More Fun & Frolics


It's been a busy week for Flitt & Folio with lots of writing and rehearsing and even a bit of performing as we wowed, along with Charlie Bell, The Kent & Sussex Poetry Society as guest poets at their first meetup of 2022. Folio also scooped the Martin Rowson Prize with his entry for the … Continue reading ANOTHER FUNNY VALENTINE

The Video says it all Very best from us to you. Our next planned outing is February 10th when we'll be hosting and performing an alternative Valentine's Night special in our favourite posh village pub. More on that soon (fingers crossed it doesn't get nixed by Covid rubbish), but if you enjoyed our other specials for Tunbridge Wells Fringe … Continue reading The Video says it all