All Change!

Well Virtual Voices got off to a cracking start here on the website, but having given it a little more thought we realised that the best place for it is probably Facebook, which does away with the need for ‘submission’ delays by allowing people to upload their stuff themselves. With this in mind our Facebook Group has just gone live and invitations are being sent to most of our regulars, but of course in the open mic tradition we are happy – nay eager – for new voices to add themselves to the bill.

Whether words, song, skit, monologue, whatever we stick to the underlying principles of originality and fun, though we’ll happily accommodate a wonderful cover version or more serious poetry if that’s what you usually bring to the table.

We will, of course, share some stuff here for those who prefer blogs to social media groups, but Facebook is really the best place for instant gratification so we hope you’ll come and join in!

voices goes viral

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