Who’s Keen for Halloween?

Blimey, this lockdown thingy’s draggin’ on a bit, ennit? We never thought for a moment when we posted the first Lockdown post that we’d still be restricted to online outings eight months down the road, but…

Anyhow, cutting to the quick, we HAVE been keeping the Voices flag flying over on Facebook with a dedicated Virtual Voices group and some fine performances have been shared there, but as we hit October it’s really hit home that Halloween Voices – one of our favourite events of the year – won’t be viable. To that end, then, we have proposed a group messenger chat to include those elements of Halloween Voices that can reasonably be captured on a webcam, and if we can work out how to do it we’ll even try to share the odd (odd being the operative word!) video performance too.

It’s all a bit ‘hey, let’s put the show on in the barn!’ at the moment – lot’s of enthusiasm but no real structure – but we feel confident that with many regulars looking to get involved we can pull it off (stop sniggering at the back). If you would like to join us – either to read/perform or just to watch and smile – do whip over to Facebook and register your interest. It’s an open group, so if you haven’t joined yet and you are pure of mind, body and spirit you will be made very welcome. It’s going to be… (all together now) … …

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