Heavens, where to start?

Well, we certainly hit the ground running coming out of lockdown. A fringe festival’s worth of open mics, Flitt & Folio, Bananas and Cream workshops AND a trip out to Penshurst to team up with our lovely friends at PADS for what was a delightfully entertaining evening of sketches, poetry, music and comedy on a newly erected stage in a filled-to-capacity pub garden in one of Kent’s prettiest posh villages. Good Lord! as our friend Mr O’Shea might say!

August, it has to be said is looking even busier, but there’s far too much to cram into one blog, so I’m just going to share the poster below.

We are really excited about this and feel it has the potential to grow into something very special. In a nutshell it’s a creative space for writer/performers of all kinds to meet and write, rehearse, collaborate and hone their material with others and to give and receive constructive feedback along the way. Feeding directly into Voices open mic evenings to be hosted upstairs in the same venue (and other projects yet to be imagined) we think this a wonderful opportunity for all who share our passion for showing off in public with like-minded friends.

More soon on open mics and poetry festivals, but Ivor’s solo gig (Pam is sadly unable to make it due to other commitments) for Auntie BEEB at Priory Festival aside this is the next thing on our calendar, and we hope to see many of our lovely talented friends in the mile long queue to get in!

Huge thanks to Sarah and all at Grub and Liquor for their support and enthusiasm in getting this off the ground


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