It’s been a busy week for Flitt & Folio with lots of writing and rehearsing and even a bit of performing as we wowed, along with Charlie Bell, The Kent & Sussex Poetry Society as guest poets at their first meetup of 2022. Folio also scooped the Martin Rowson Prize with his entry for the “Tony Blair Limerick Challenge”, matching Flitt’s triumph in the Martin Rowson Prize “William Hogarth/Gin Lane Challenge” a few months ago. Aren’t we a pair of smarties? *smug grin*

In addition to the busy week that’s been we’re looking at some busy weeks to come, and after toasting Rabbie in high style with our Penshurst friends next Tuesday we’ll be heading back to our favourite posh village (Kent region) again at the end of the month (post panto bash) and again on February 10th for our Voices/F&F/PADS alternative take on St Valentine’s Day. The poster below will tell you all you need to know, and the evening also includes an open mic section for all our Voices friends to come along and give us a turn. The last event there, our “Gunpowder Treason and Poets” night, was an absolute sell-out and a stonker of an evening, so book tables while you can and DO take advantage of the special menu being laid on because you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there!


    1. Hi Christine. Consider yourself booked for open mic slot! Letting us know here or via facebook page is good enough. I must admit Leicester Arms online booking is far from intuitive for special events, but if you just book a table for the evening of the 10th that’s it. Or as belt and braces you could give them a ring and book specifying it’s for MFV. Look forward to seeing (and hearing) you next week! 😀


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