More Festival Fun (TW Fringe)

Yes, having just touched down following Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival and a bit of Unfest, Flitt & Folio are firing up the engines once again in readiness for Tunbridge Wells Fringe and an evening of variety at Even Flow café and bar.

While it now seems something of a distant memory, we titled this show “Flitt & Folio’s Jubilee Hangover” back in April or whenever in honour of good Queen Lilibet’s Platinum celebration. Though now fully recovered we see no good reason for changing it at this late juncture, despite everyone else having put their bunting away well over a month ago.

A further reason for sticking with the Jubilee theme is that we plan on this one being a bit of a showcase for songs from (Royal) Tunbridge Wells: The Musical, so we get to add a strapline declaring “now with added Royal” to the title, which we rather liked. We’ll probably knock up a poster or something saying that in the lead up to the event itself. We do love making work for ourselves.

Regular Voices friends will have a good idea of what we’ll be serving up, but for the uninitiated we’ll be spinning comedy, satire, song, spoken word, sketches, monologues and whatever else takes our fancy into an evening of fun and laughter for all*

We will be joined in this endeavour by special guests and regular collaborators, and there will even be opportunities for you – yes YOU – to get involved if open mics and friendly audiences are the kind of things that float your boat.

Tickets are available NOW from the Fringe Website, and we would strongly recommend booking tables and food in advance with the venue on 01892 739 991

*Under 16s must be accompanied by a quite responsible adult who doesn’t mind exposing them to a bit of 12A rated swearing and innuendo.

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