Bloody flip! Only 2 weeks to go!

Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic! Two weeks is more than enough time to get yourself ready, honestly. I’m saving my panicking until much closer to the event – why stress yourself out unnecessarily?

Anyhow, cutting to the rub it is just two weeks until the next VOICES and we would love to see you there. If you’ve any questions just message us here, on Facebook, or anywhere else we hang out, but basically Voices events are open mics with an emphasis on FUN  (could I be more emphatic?) and wordplay. Whether song, poetry, prose, playlet, or any combination thereof we’d love to hear it. Guitar and uke supplied for musicians and SMALL instruments can usually be accommodated; four-to-five minute slots in a round robin so everyone gets a fair crack; first-timers made very welcome, as any of those who have cut their performance teeth with us will attest. Or just sit in the audience and be royally entertained in Royal Tunbridge Wells…

Here are some pics of a very spirited maracas solo from our last event.


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