Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree…

… And what a tree it was too. A bit of a squeeze, but we managed to set up basecamp quite nicely beneath the leafy (or piney) boughs, and the twinkling fairy lights of TOFS illuminated our fantastic performers marvellously. What a great evening!

For those who couldn’t make it there’s a gallery below showing some of what you missed, but in a nutshell it was the usual mix of words, music and FUN, with an emphasis on original material whatever the mode of delivery. As always we demanded almost as much from our audience as we did our performers (“What do we love?” “Audience Participation!” etc etc), and by golly did they deliver. We also, thanks to a young lady called Milly, got to test drive our new keyboard for the first time. Both Milly and keyboard lived up to our high expectations. Thanks too to our thespian volunteers who performed our two specially penned seasonal duologues. Music and song, comedy, theatricals, poetry, fiction… Good grief we offer value for money!

Our next Voices outing in Tonbridge is likely to be a Valentine special in February. We’ll confirm that as soon as we’ve got full details. We’re also planning a bit of a ‘Posh Villages’ tour, but it is very early days so don’t hold your collective breath. Suffice to say our scouts are out – stout scouts that they are – looking for viable venues, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

IN OTHER NEWS: Our lovely ol’ mate Tom Carradine will be doing his wonderful Cockney Singalong thing at The Nelson Arms in Tonbridge on Christmas-Eve-Eve (23rd). We, Flitt and Folio / Peppy and David, will be there along with friends and family, and we would love to make it a bit of a jollyboys outing for our Voices regulars. If you’re free and fancy joining us for a pint o’ wallop and a plate o’ jellied eels just roll up and roll out the barrel. We’re pretty sure it’ll be packed to the gunnels, though, so get there early.

Finally, before you rush off to peruse the image gallery, we would direct you back up to this post’s header image, featuring the winner of our audience participation ‘favourite cracker joke’ competition. The gent offering up this little belter declined the prize of a plastic duck-call whistle, so we’ve put it back in the bag for next year. If you can top his effort that prize could be yours for the taking in around twelve months’ time…

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