Happy New Voices!

Well here we are in Twenty Twenty and what a mad old year it looks set to be. Interesting times, as the Chinese would say…

Whatever the year brings, we hope that Voices will go from strength to strength, bringing words, laughter and music in equal measure and a ray of sunshine having nothing whatsoever to do with global warming that even Greta would be happy to endorse.

And with that in mind, we’re getting off to a cracking start by ushering in the Brand New Year with a Brand New Venue – the delightfully quirky Beer Seller in Tonbridge. As regular Voices attendees will know, we do love a bit of quirk, and the atmosphere and decor of this welcoming watering hole certainly hits the spot! We’re really looking forward to getting up and doing our thing here, and we feel sure you will love it too.

As the header image for this blog suggests, we find ourselves on the cusp of yet another ‘Special’, following on from our hugely entertaining and successful Halloween and Christmas offerings. With Valentine’s day just two days after our event it would be churlish not to recognise the significance of this celebration, but we want to ensure that there’s something on offer for all, whether loved-up lovelies or sparkling singletons. Hence the ‘Funny’ in the title, and our firm intention to look beyond the usual romantic cliches at all aspects of that crazy li’l thing called love.

Date and deets can be found on the poster below and, as always, we are happy to supply further info if needed. Just message us here or via our own or the venue’s Facebook pages and we’ll get straight on it. More news soon, and a very, very Happy New Year to all our regulars, irregulars and yet-to-find-out-what-you’re-missingers.

beer seller 1

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