Voices on the BEEB…

Not wishing to detract from our Virtual Voices Halloween Special Facebook Group Chat (that’s a lot of capitals!) on Friday, there is, for those who would like a sneak preview, a Halloween song we made being featured on BBC Radio Kent tonight at sometime around 9ish.

The song features yours truly (Folio) on vocals, and I am accompanied on the ol’ joanna by our lovely old mucker from Scallywags, Tom Carradine, of cockney singalong fame.

This is our second outing with Auntie Beeb in as many weeks, and we’ll certainly be exposing ourselves for her more frequently in future, so do keep your eye on this website and our Facebook page for details. If you want to join the Virtual Voices chat – as performer or just to watch and listen – just nip across to Facebook using the link above and put your name on the guest list.

Tonight from 9:00

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