Gosh, We’ve Been Busy…

Yes, it’s all go here at Voices Central in the wake of our very enjoyable virtual Halloween night over on Facebook. We had a lovely evening of chat, pre-prepared song videos and live readings, mostly on the themes of Halloween itself and the ongoing nightmare that is lockdown…

For the videos, for now, you will need to cruise to our Virtual Voices Facebook page and scroll through, but for your pleasure we have produced a little online reader featuring most of the stories and poems that comprised the live readings. A click on the cover image below will take you to the booklet.

In addition to Virtual Voices we’ve also been making our presence known at the BEEB, with several appearances on BBC Radio Kent. We’re on again tonight (November 4th), in fact, with an audio version of a little skit performed at our last couple of live events. Featuring self (David) and Peppy as two cute little lovebirds, the sketch will be played at some point between 9 and 10pm. The link below will get you there in no time!

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