Not long now…

Just a month away from Christmas, and what a strange Christmas it looks set to be. Even this close to the big day it’s hard to guess exactly what to expect, as predictions waver between a lockdown-free free-for-all and something resembling the solitary confinement wing of Alcatraz following a riot in cell block number nine. One small request in passing: if forced to be a birdman can I have duck, please? That turkey stuff is always dishcloth dry no matter how much gravy you chuck at it, and I don’t care how fond that Robert Stroud was of ’em there’s not enough meat on a canary to make the plucking worthwhile…

Anyhoo: this is really just a quick heads up to say that whatever else is cancelled for Christmas we’re going to do our damnedest to ensure that some Voices fun takes place. We’ll be posting more details soon, but we’re initially thinking of something similar to our Halloween / Facebook meetup but with fewer technical hitches. We’ll be looking into all of that and advising you accordingly, but in the meantime please register interest on the Virtual Voices Facebook Page.


Flitt and Folio, your Voices hosts, have been keeping themselves busy over the past few weeks by assembling their first full-scale collection of verse. Packed with many Voices favourites, this weighty tome (just over 100 pages) features Pam’s illustrations throughout, and there’s even the occasional ‘proper page poem’ to give weary readers’ aching sides a break from all that exhausting laughter. Available NOW from Amazon at the amazingly reasonable price of just £6.25 (including delivery if you’re a Prime customer!) and pretty-much the perfect seasonal gift for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of rhyme. All your Secret Santa needs fulfilled in one fell swoop, and don’t forget to leave a glowing review!

Thanks, JCC – I’ll click and buy right now!

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