It’s Chriiiiistmas…

Well almost. keep your hair on, Noddy.

As mentioned in the previous blog, we are loath to let lockdown ruin our Voices Christmas fun, and after our (mostly) successful Halloween outing we’re organising another seasonal online bash over on the Virtual Voices Facebook page. We’re thinking Wednesday December 23rd, with the fun kicking off at around 8:00. Please do start registering interest and booking slots, because the earlier we can get the business end sorted out the more smoothly things are likely to run.

Speaking of which, those who joined the Halloween group will remember we had some teething problems with video shares, and to this end we’re planning a brief trial run a week or so ahead of the main event to iron out as many wrinkles as we can. We hope you’ll join us for that too.

The video below was an early Christmas treat from Halloween night and probably WON’T feature in the Christmas group chat because we have so much new stuff we want to share. We hope, though, that it’ll warm your seasonal cockles and encourage you to get your name on the guest list for Christmas Eve Eve…

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