As those who follow us on social media will know we’ve been getting a little bit excited about the ‘Merry (Lockdown) Christmas’ video we showcased here a couple of posts ago. Cutting to the chase, the viewing figures for this little animation and song really started ramping up a couple of weeks ago and we began speculating that we might hit ten thousand views by Christmas day. As the sharper among you may have already guessed, we’ve not only achieved that milestone but we’ve achieved it some four days ahead of schedule! Guess it’s time to move the goalposts then, but where to? 15k would seem too ambitious, but 12k seems a bit lightweight given our current hit rate. How about we just give ourselves a pat on the back instead and watch the video again?

IN OTHER NEWS: Voices on the Radio(s) offers a twofer tonight, with a Christmas sketch featuring two snowmen persons on BBC Radio Kent sometime between six and nine while BBC Radio Sussex offers ‘The (Christmas) Cracker Song’ at around 8:30. You can check out the latter in animated form below, and we’ll upload the Two Frosties sometime soon.

AND FINALLY: While Merry (Lockdown) Christmas Everybody is certainly the most viewed video on our YouTube Channel it is not the only video on our YouTube Channel! It features more songs, poems and skits from ourselves and our Voices friends and is well worth checking out if you haven’t already. Ciao for now, and Merry blummin’ Christmas x

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