Hello Again!

Well, just a couple of weeks to go now until VOICES (2) at Javabean and I really MUST start thinking about what I’m going to sing/read/perform. If you’re planning to sing/read/perform and haven’t worked out what yet then you should be thinking about it too – especially if you want to make a backing track request!

If this is the first Voices blog you’ve stumbled across you may not yet be up to speed on what the evenings are about. If that’s the case, read the previous blog and/or the home page. We have a Facebook page too, if that’s more your thing.

In a nutshell, though, Voices is an open mic celebrating the wonder and glory of WORDS. We’re not fussed how those words are presented (poem, song, monologue, story, skit – whatever takes your fancy) but what we’re aiming for is original and entertaining with the occasional crowd-pleasing cover thrown in. It’s free entry and names in hats and a lovely way to spend a Thursday night, so we really hope you can join us, whether to perform or just enjoy the show.


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