Blummin’ Flip…

… and all that malarkey, doesn’t time fly? Yes, it does, and now we’ve only a week before Tonbridge Calling and Voices in the Park, so I hope everyone is ready?

Actually, I find myself (Ivor Folio) somewhat under-prepared for various reasons and I know Pam (Flitt) is similarly unrehearsed, but we will be surrounded by a goodly gaggle of Voices regulars who will undoubtedly rise to the occasion with their usual aplomb and vigour to deliver the goods. Lest there be any misunderstanding, I should hastily add that the programme for our Spoken Word tent is nicely pinned down, and the bill of fare on offer is both toothsome and varied. Poetry, flash-fiction, sketches and skits, open mics – all will be catered for magnificently, and all sprinkled with a delightfully crispy coating of family-orientated fun. Nay, it is on a personal level that Pam and I have found ourselves challenged timewise, but the fruits of those labours should leave us in good stead come the day, despite the mad dash to the finishing line.

For those interested in having a bash the open mic slots are (loosely) scheduled for 3:30 and 5:30, but there’s heaps of other stuff going on too. Further details can be found on Tonbridge Live’s Facebook page, including the contributions of Tonbridge Roundel and Bazaar Textiles and Furnishings.

Right, I’m off to check my oeuvre to make sure I’m up to speed in good time. I’m sure Pam will be diligently tackling her oeuvreing too…

Bio pic for Ton calls

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