Yes MORE! Voices news is coming in thick and fast, so if you follow us expect to see lots more messages appearing in your inbox, and if you don’t follow us keep checking back so you don’t miss out. Or you could try following us, I s’pose…

Anyhow, today’s news – and we’re very excited by this – today’s news  is we’re finally taking Voices to Tonbridge! And in the very venue we’ve had our eye on from the moment the idea first occurred to us: The Old Fire Station. Or “TOFS” as it’s known to the inner circle.

So when is this staggeringly important cultural event going to happen? I hear you ask, and if you just cool your heels for a minute I’ll tell you. But first, for those who might be finding us for the first time, perhaps drawn this way by The Old Fire Station’s event listings, I would draw your attention to our ‘Home‘ page, where you’ll find out what Voices is and how it works. Are you up to speed now? Good, then I’ll continue…

So, on October 23rd the first Tonbridge Voices event will be taking off. We’ll open the doors at around 7:30, and the fun will start shortly thereafter. We think it’s going to be really, really special, and we would love it if you joined us. Tickets are now available from The Old Fire Station ticket office and their Facebook page, as well as from our own Voices Facebook page. All profits from ticket sales will go to Rett UK, and the entry fee includes your first drink. And if that wasn’t a good enough deal already there is a £2.00 reduction for those signing up to perform – but get in quick, because those slots are likely to go very quickly.

Well, I guess that’s enough new news for one blog, but don’t forget our Halloween Special at Javabean will be following hot on the trail of Tonbridge Voices, so why not make it a twofer? Last Year’s Halloween bash was an absolute corker, and we think this year’s may well even eclipse it. More news from Voices Central soon, but in the meantime look after yourselves and thanks for being part of our hugely entertaining journey.


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