Commencing Countdown, Engines On…

Yes indeed, the clock is ticking and our next Voices outing is almost upon us with just five sleeps between now (Friday) and our first full Tonbridge outing on Wednesday 23rd. In the meantime Peppy and David have another two nights of Fringe to go in Rotherfield (last night’s opening night went splendidly, by the way) before we can give Voices our undivided attention. If you fancy a bit of Fringe action there are still a few tickets available but you’ll have to get in quick.

Talking of tickets, when we last looked we were almost at peak capacity for performers at Tonbridge Voices at TOFS but you may just nab one of the last spots if you’re quick. Audience capacity, of course, is much more flexible, but advance booking is still highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Gosh we’re excited!

For Halloween Voices we’re at our regular haunt (see what I did there!?) in Javabean and it’s the usual roll-up-and-put-your-name-in-the-hat-until-the-hat-is-full setup we’ve operated (Christmas Special excepted) since day one. We’ve got a couple of spooktacular set pieces planned, but what really makes these events so special is the variety on offer from our open mic performers who never fail to amaze us with their inventiveness and talent. Fancy dress for Halloween is optional, but how many times a year do you get the opportunity to pull on your Grotbags tights and don a pointed hat in public? What you do in the privacy of your own homes, of course, is your own affair, but do remember to draw the curtains…

Well, that’s about it for now, but we’ll be back soon. Meanwhile, don’t forget to book your tickets for the ticketed things, and as always if you have any special backing track requirements give us a shout well in advance.

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