Happy Days…

Well, we had a very busy October with two Voices under our belts and Flitt & Folio’s first “Fringe” (for which we got fabulous reviews!), but now as we slide shivering into November it’s time to start gearing up for Christmas.

Ahhh, Christmas, and what fun beckons with our eager return to Tonbridge for our second outing at TOFS (That’s “Tonbridge Old Fire Station” for the uninitiated). We had a wonderfully gay old time, as Fred Flintstone might have put it, and a packed house, and we have every reason to believe from the feedback and interest generated that our Christmas Special on Wednesday December 11th will be even bigger and better. Tickets are available from the box office now, so get in quick – especially if you want to give us a turn and get the performer’s discount!

Meanwhile, rewinding just a little, you’ll find a small gallery below featuring pics from our Javabean Halloween special. We had a frightfully good time (see what I did there?) and can’t wait for the next opportunity to do our rather lovely thing again in Lovely Tunbridge Wells. As dates have yet to be finalised you’ll (should that be “yule” at this time of year?) have to wait for news on that one, but in the meantime DO grab your tickets for Tonbridge and enjoy the gallery.

CU again soon, and as always a huge thank you to all our wonderful supporters – performers and enthusiastic audience alike – who help to make these events so special. We keep meaning to write a blog explaining how Voices has evolved and the lovely things our regulars say about it, but we’re so busy doing it and keeping you up to date on it all that we can never seem to find the time. We can’t think of a nicer problem than that, but it’s frustrating none-the less!

As always, apologies for the lack of photos and to anyone we failed to get a reasonably unblurred piccie of…

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