Thank you Tonbridge!

A bit slow out of the traps with this one because we jumped immediately on the tour bus and set off for the Suffolk coast, but a huge HUGE thank you to The Beer Seller for hosting our third Tonbridge outing. Aware that our full battle rig might be a bit noisy for this lovely little venue we trimmed down our PA slightly, but it served us very well – as did the staff who kept our regulars supplied with a regular supply of select beers and wines to ensure a grand time was had by all. And it was, it was.

For those who don’t know The Beer Seller you really should; we can’t think of any place quite like it, and it manages to pull off that rather clever trick of feeling both new and familiar at the same time. A proper ‘old school’ local, and we’ll be dropping in to see Jamie and his crew for a pint or two again very soon.  Thank you for having us, and thank you to all who came along to be haved, especially those Voices virgins who took the time to tell us how much they had enjoyed it when the last notes of the final song had faded. It was also a special treat to see Dolly Farton again after MUCH too long an absence, there to sing a special Valentine’s number about the Rodeo Romeo who recently captured her heart. Very best with that one, Dolly…

dolly and willy

Dolly seen here with One-Eyed Stinky Willy the prospector. Her Rodeo Romeo
was unavailable for the photoshoot, having headed off, rod in hand,
down to Beaver Creek with
his best friend, Saul… 

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