Back With a Splash!

Heavens to Murgatroyd we’re busy all-of-a-sudden. While the country may be easing out of lockdown we’re going at it like rats up a drainpipe, poor, wee starved-of-attention things that we are…

All being well we’ll be able to host a Voices open mic soon, but in the meantime Flitt & Folio are signed up for all kinds of lovely silliness, starting in June when we meet our old panto pals at PADS for an evening of songs, sketches and jokes old and new (with us about, you won’t feel blue!) in a delightful English Country (pub) Garden. Watch this space for further details.

Following that, our next outings will be as part of the Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival in July, with a children’s writing workshop in the pipeline as well as that aforementioned open mic. No firm dates or times yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know.

And then we’re in August, which is when the brakes really come off with a can’t-say-just-yet-but-we-really-hope-it-can-happen event in the middle of the month followed by a whopping couple of weeks (16th-29th) when the Tunbridge Wells Poetry Festival takes place. While originally planned as a low-key affair to keep the flag flying in these uncertain times the festival has taken on a life of its own , and we’ll soon be announcing very exciting news about the headline act (and believe us, it’s a biggy) as well as details of numerous workshops, launches, reading evenings and similar events.

From a Flitt & Folio/Voices perspective we can cordially invite you to our takeover of the Tunbridge Wells Forum on Sunday August 22nd when we’ll be hosting twin events: the Wordplay Fun Day (2.00-5:30pm) and the Pam Slam Grand Slam from 7:30 until bedtime. We can’t begin to tell you how much we’re going to pack into this day and evening twofer, but it really will be something special. Of course, we WILL begin to tell you, but not today given that this is already a very long post. We hope the video below will be enough to satisfy your curiosity for now…

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