Yes MORE! Voices news is coming in thick and fast, so if you follow us expect to see lots more messages appearing in your inbox, and if you don't follow us keep checking back so you don't miss out. Or you could try following us, I s'pose... Anyhow, today's news - and we're very excited … Continue reading MORE?!

Ghostly Voices pt.2

Good heavens, is it that time of year again already? Yes it is, and as September slips inexorably toward October we are delighted to confirm Wednesday October 30th as the the date of our second Halloween Voices extravaganza. Those who attended last year's Halloween bash will be only too aware of just how special the event … Continue reading Ghostly Voices pt.2

Didn’t we have a lovely time?

No, not a day trip to Bangor*, but our last Voices extravaganza at Javabean. Gosh we had fun! The bill of fare this time included musical interludes - acoustic and acapella - spoken word (poetry of every kind, flash fiction, monologue...), and even a bit o' the old thespianism, with a three-header sketch performed by … Continue reading Didn’t we have a lovely time?